About Automotive Views

Welcome to Automotive Views! My name is Pedro F. and I’m the editor of this humble little corner of the internet.

The creation of AutomotiveViews.com was propelled by my great love of cars. I’m no expert/professional, just an enthusiast. On AV, myself and a few other contributors offer mainly opinions. They’re as well presented as possible and we do deal in facts, but they’re still individual perspectives. Constructive criticism and extra information is always welcome, appreciated and taken seriously. If you spot a blunder, an inaccuracy or anything else of the sort, please let us know in a comment or by email and it will be sorted soon.

AV is intended to be a light and fun place. Articles from readers are very welcome. If there is a particular car you love and you feel like writing about it, why not post it here? Know someone with something interesting in the garage? Make an interview, tell the world about it. If you’re anything like me you know that sometimes accurate information, good pictures and a first person perspective are very difficult to find, so why not be an author? Add to the collective knowledge.

I do have to point out that these will NOT be in any way sponsored posts. Posts consisting exclusively of publicity for companies and or services  will not be accepted.

Get in touch whenever you like via  automotiveviews@gmail.com or just leave a comment on any of the posts, it guarantees a faster response. Check out our twitter as well.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you keep doing so!

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