For Sale! [April 2021 Edition]

For sale! Is a – mostly – monthly feature on Automotive Views focusing on cars available for purchase in Europe. None of the ads selected are featured on this website due to any kind of sponsorship by the sellers.

1990 Alfa Romeo 164 QV     

At this point, there’s certainly no need to go into why Alfa Romeos are special and what makes them so. Over the 80’s and 90’s, Alfa produced a bunch of fast sedans/saloons that, although being really good looking and very interesting, don’t command particularly impressive prices. So if you’re looking for something cool to drive for not a whole lot of money, older Alfa saloons are an alluring – yet dangerous – proposition. Take this, the 164 QV. With an elegant, timeless Pininfarina design, the 164 will surely look as good in 20 or 30 years as it does today. And because this is the Quadrofoglio Verde version, packing the legendary 3.0 Busso V6, it doesn’t just look good, but goes pretty well too. A 2 year only variant before the 4 wheel drive Q4 was introduced, the QV is a temping piece of Alfa Romeo history. With 230.000 kilometers on the odometer and a couple of little esthetic issues here and there, this QV isn’t a garage queen but it does look great. And for the price, you’d be pressed to find something as fun and as engaging. It is, however, an Alfa from the 90’s so odds are you will be getting intimately acquainted with the 164’s service manual. Worth the hassle? When are Alfas not…

Price: Auction. Guided at €10.000 to €14.000 (12.086 USD to 16.920 USD)

For Sale in the Czech Republic

Seller: Auctomobile

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1999 Jaguar XKR

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the XK X100 series continues to be one of the great bargains of the youngtimers market, especially the XKR variants. With stunning looks and a healthy, unstressed 370bhp supercharged V8, even before the 2002 update with its 4.0 to 4.2L bump, the XKR always meant business. With just under 150.000 kms and wearing a very nice shade of blue, the one being offered for sale by Autosalon Valencia is a lot of car for the money. However, as was the case with the 164, the XKR will also spice up your life with (let’s say) a touch of unpredictability, these being especially known for bad thermostats, tensioners and water pumps, as well as limp home mode issues. However, the XK’s unreliability reputation is – in our humble opinion – unfair (especially the nikasil fear). Plus, because it was such a prolific model, every possible issue an XK can have has been documented to death, with plenty of step by step tutorials on how to fix them.

Price: €16.900 (20.422 USD)

For Sale in Spain

Seller: Autosalon Valencia

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“1970” Bizarrini 1900 GT ”S” Europa

We know, quite a few quotation marks on that title. Let us explain; the story on this car is pretty interesting, as apparently a gentleman went to the Bizarrini factory when it was just about to kick the proverbial bucket and bough two unfinished Europas, a smaller, cheaper version of the almighty 5300GT Strada. He loaded up the bodies in a truck (there’s a hilarious picture in the ad which you must go check out depicting just that moment) and over the next few decades, one of those bodies was worked on, losing the roof (hence the “S” addition in the name) and gaining a Dino engine, resulting in quite a unique Europa. It’s a pretty interesting exercise in creativity and it’s only when you compare it to a regular Europa – like this one, for sale by Movendi – that you fully realize just how dramatic the difference between the two really is. The end result of the owners’ decades long process ends up being sort of stuck between two styles, with the classic exterior clashing with a modern interior. This a textbook case of someone’s dream car build, full of love and dedication but also laden with choices which may not be everybody’s cup of tea and because of that, we predict this may be a bit of a difficult sale.

Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in Italy


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1992 De Tomaso Pantera SI

The Pantera is a style icon (currently an undervalued one, we’d say) but when the 90’s came along, De Tomaso needed to update its legendary model. During the 80’s, to keep the Pantera fresh, the company had pretty much resorted to stick every single possible thing it could think of on the car. Don’t get us wrong, 80’s Panteras are…a lot, but they’re still fantastic things. However for the 90’s, De Tomaso needed a fresh look. Enter the SI, a mechanically much improved Pantera with brand new looks, courtesy of the master himself, Marcello Gandini. But despite the changes, the Pantera’s days were over and only 41 SIs ended up being made. The one offered for sale by Speed 8 Classics look stunning in its original yellow and with 170.000kms on the clock and a reliable Ford V8 in the back, this Pantera is likely more than ready to run many, many more miles. But the exclusivity will cost you.  

Price: € 285.00 (344.423 USD)

For Sale in Belgium

Seller: Speed 8 Classics

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1981 Ford C100

We won’t go into the history of this model (which you can read in the ad), but suffice to say that the C100 was such an interesting hive of possibility. It carried with it the promises of the GT40’s Le Mans glory, but a series of issues relegated it to obscurity. One of only three made, this C100 is a serious option for a serious collector.

Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in the U.K.

Seller: Duncan Hamilton ROFGO

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1979 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

This is not the first and it won’t be the last time we feature V8 Vantages on “For Sale!”, but today we’re doing it again because this particular example has a very special place in car culture. It’s not because it has great provenance or even a long history of Concours successes, but rather because this was the V8 Vantage featured on Top Gear’s “street heroes” segment in which James May notably praised the model’s features. An appearance in a TV show may not sound like much now, but this took place in 2003, so just after the show had re-launched and found footing with a younger audience, a lot of which was introduced to the V8 Vantage through that segment. Keep in mind that at that point in time there was no Youtube, car culture wasn’t the widely available, easily consulted multimedia spectrum that it is today. Younger audiences would find out about older models through classic magazine issues, video-games like Gran Turismo and TV shows. There’s no telling how many people discovered and fell with love with this model while watching this specific car and because of that, it may very well be the most significant V8 Vantage ever made.

Price: €275.884 (333.394 USD)

For Sale in the U.K.

Seller: Dylan Miles

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1995 Peugeot 806 Procar

In motorsport, there’s nothing better than something thoroughly out of place and having a minivan racing in the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps is about the most hilarious out of place thing we can think of. Sometimes, racing series/events get boring for an audience because although interesting and competitive for the actual drivers and teams, when the field is nothing but the exact same car in the exact same spec, unless you’ve got a horse in the race and personally know the people involved…who do you root for. And why? Now imagine there’s a dude in a van racing alongside Accords, 3-series, Vectras, Golfs, Astras, Clios and a bunch of other stuff. Not only that’s a race you for sure wanna watch, but you’re definitely rooting for that guy as well. This gloriously ludicrous Peugeot 806 was – unsurprisingly – a parts bin special, put together with bits and pieces of the 306 Maxi and 405 Superturisme. Also unsurprisingly, the 806 was a hit with the public. It started off well in 12th place, but unfortunately had to retire of the 24 hour grueling trial with engine troubles. This is your chance to own a unique piece of racing history and just be the absolute hero of any track event you show up to.  

Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in Belgium

Seller: Gipimotor

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