For Sale! [December 2021 Edition]

For sale! Is a – mostly – monthly feature on Automotive Views focusing on cars available for purchase in Europe. None of the ads selected are featured on this website due to any kind of sponsorship by the sellers.

1983 Renault 5 Turbo 2

A homologation special legend, the Renault 5’s Turbo and Turbo 2 variants proved just how desirable and utterly insane a tiny hatchback could be. These were stunning in their Group 4 incarnations, but the street versions are also extremely fetching. A mid-engined little rocket whose spirit lived on in the Clio V6, the Turbo and Turbo 2 are not inexpensive cars today, not by a long shot, but they are one of the coolest things you can possibly have in your garage. Sadly there’s no description from the dealer on this particular example, but it looks to be in great shape and has just enough patina to give it character and make it usable, guilt free.

Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in Italy

Seller: Ruote da Sogno

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1958 Plymouth Belvedere 2D HT Coupe

If you’re anything like us you like us, you’re a fan of the 1983 John Carpenter movie “Christine” (based on the Stephen King novel of the same name) about a beautiful, possessed, angry, murdery Plymouth named Christine. Clones of Christine are nothing new, especially since there’s nothing to do aesthetically except find and restore a 58 Belvedere Coupe…at one point, this was not a huge deal but now, neither of those things are easy to accomplish. This particular variant wasn’t made in crazy quantities, so it’s increasingly hard to find these days and a restoration – done right – gets to be very expensive; the chrome alone would be a pretty penny. So this particular example is certainly not cheap, but is it a completely crazy number? This is one of those “go find another one” cases; the seller documented it extensively and everything looks pretty damn nice, the restoration work seems honest and thorough. So if you’ve always wanted Christine in your life and money isn’t an issue, this one is a tempting proposal.

Price: €135.000 (152.896 USD)

For Sale in Germany

Seller: private seller

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1989 Isdera Spyder 036i

Isdera is one of those wild companies which, every once in a while, comes out with something that makes everyone go “wow”, and then they vanish again from the public eye for another number of years. Perhaps their most well know and prolific creations are the Imperator models of which the Spyder is – as the name indicates – a chopped roof version of. We have to be honest, the Imperator is a beautiful, beautiful car and the Spyder does not work as well as its hardtop sibling. Of the 30 Imperators built (making sure the CW311 Mercedes concept lived on, thank goodness for Eberhard Schultz’s initiative), reportedly 17 of those were the Spyder variant. This particular example seems to have been painted and updated and we’d love some more info on it but the seller has nothing but a serious inquiries only notice. On an editorial note, we get it; nobody wants to spend the whole day replying to tire kickers and such, but to sell a car as rare and interesting as this and not put forward its history…it just doesn’t come across well. Plus, you’re actively hindering yourself by effectively killing the chance to be picked up by any automotive site which might do a feature article on the car’s story/history and in doing so, facilitating its sale.

Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in Germany

Seller: Christian Jakob Automobile

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1996 Porsche 911 GT2 and GT2 Clubsport

The most coveted of the 993s? For sure…and as a result of that, they’re extremely difficult to get a hold of because serious Porsche collectors hang on to them like their lives depend on it. One of fewer than 200 made, this Arctic Silver Metallic GT2 with just 11k miles is everything a street-going 993 can be. Well, almost everything. Only the ultra rare Clubsport variant is able to go above a regular GT2 on the 993 desirability scale. And funny enough, here’s one too!

Jeez Louise, would you look at this thing… our hearts almost can’t take it. This Clubsport is one of just 21 made, a true rarity amongst rarities, featuring special order options like a roll cage, racing harness and fire extinguishing system. The Clubsport is essentially a road going race car. Price wise, oh boy…neither is advertised with a concrete number, but expect well North of 750k for the first and well over a million on the second.


Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in the U.K.

Seller: The Octane Collection

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GT2 Clubsport

Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in Germany

Seller: Jan B. Luhn

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1996 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Heuliez “Intruder”

On a similar level to Isdera, Heuliez was a pretty interesting company as well. In the late 90’s, everyone knew about Heuliez due to the outrageous Pregunta, a rebodied Diablo which looked straight out of sci-fi. Before that, the company had already made some waves with this, the Intruder. Presented at the 1996 Turin Motorshow and based on a G320, the Intruder has a properly unique look, kind of like if a first gen SLK got prepped to go offroading…after having been stung by a really large bee. It’s so unusual and so ahead of its time! Plus, it’s nice to know that some of the wild concept cars of the late 90’s are still out and about and being looked after. The Intruder was reportedly fully restored and has covered under 2.000 km since it was built two decades ago; it made the rounds back in the summer but it hasn’t found a new home yet.

Price: €205.032 (233.415 USD)

For Sale in the U.K.

Seller: DK Engineering

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1983 Rover SD1 Vitesse

We’re not gonna take too long on this one because there’s a feature article coming in the new year all about the SD1, but every once in a while we like to remind folks that it’s time to buy a certain car; well, this is the time to buy an SD1. These have been underappreciated forever and the Top Gear bad rep didn’t help, but they’re actually pretty decent (for a British Leyland product anyway), they’re charismatic and nice to look at and the Vitesse spec – like the one offered here for sale – is the most desirable one. For under 20.000 Euros and in this kind of condition, this V8 powered comfortable super saloon is a very appealing piece of British automotive history.

Price: €19.800 (22.546 USD)

For Sale in Finland

Seller: Clasanteri

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2018 Range Rover Adventum Coupe

The Range Rover is one of the most iconic pieces of automotive design ever made. However, since the Classic and before the Evoque came along, it had been deprived of its iconic 2 door configuration. But in 2018, in came Dutch designer Niels van Roij, shooting break aficionado, to give us this: the limited production Advetum Coupe. Heavily inspired by the SV Coupe concept which was sadly killed off by Land Rover, the Adventum Coupe carried an immense price tag and we’re unsure of how many of the planned 100 actually got made, but this example is the very first one so it’s a special car within a special production run. We wish Land Rover would go back to offering a 2 door Range Rover; nothing at a crazy price point, but a more utilitarian and purpose focused variant. But we also know that would mess with their current brand focus efforts, so sadly it won’t happen.

Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in Netherlands

Seller: Classic Youngtimers Consultacy

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1975 Mercedes-Benz W100 Pullman – One of One special conversion

This is a really interesting concept: what if you take the best long wheel base limousine ever made and update it with modern elements? That’s exactly what someone did to this imposing Pullman. In 2007, this example of dictatorial magnificence was restored and the interiors were updated in accordance to what was featured in the (then) current Maybach. The extent of the work done is very impressive and we can’t imagine that blending the old and the new was an easy task. But does it work? And does it merit the asking price? These are tough questions; on the one hand, it’s offered for sale by Mechatronik so you know you’re dealing with something done to very high standards; plus, the concept itself is so tempting…but on the other hand, it also shows the limitations of this kind of restomod; technology and comfort features in current S-Classes and Maybachs evolve so fast and so dramatically from one generation to the next that it’s easy for things to feel very outdated, very quickly and that’s already happening with this Pullman. So then you’re left with something which is no longer a timeless classic (with the original W100 interior and features) and your only choice to keep this old looks with new luxury concept going would be to constantly replace and refit the interior every time a whole new S-Class or Maybach generation comes along, a daunting prospect even for the super rich.  

Price: €2.320.500 (2.641.329 USD)

For Sale in Germany

Seller: Mechatronik

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1974 Lancia Stratos and 1983 Lancia 037 Rallye

Last but certainly not least, two racing legends. Champions who need no introduction: the Stratos and the 037. Both examples have a racing history, but details are scarce in the description; apparently they’re conversions from Stradales (?) but prices are still certainly in par with their general awesomeness. These, along with the Delta, are the rides which made Lancia a hallowed name in rallying history and if your bank account can handle it, this can be the start of one hell of a collection.

Price: €650.000 (739.868 USD) Stratos

€550.000 (626.042 USD) 037

For Sale in Germany

Seller: HK Engineering

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