Got 1.5 Million to Spend? I’ve Got Just the Thing…

Well not me exactly, the good people of Ferrari Maserati of Fort Lauderdale.  Rejoice in the magnificence that is the CLK GTR, Mercedes stylish weapon of mass destruction and object of desire for the super rich, discerning car collector. So what exactly is this funny looking thing that makes you feel all tingly inside?

Back in 97 Mercedes needed something to go up against the big boys (by this I mean the Porsche GT1 and McLaren F1 LM); the CLK GTR is what they came up with. To take the glory in the FIA GT1 class, Mercedes had to build 25 street versions of their racer; this is one of those 25 little bits of heaven. It took just 128 days for the CLK GTR evolve from first sketch to full functioning automotive x-rated perfection. It’s weird looking (kind of like a CLK that got squashed by a falling piano cliché) but it’s Mercedes-Benz royalty and it is just so – damn – sexy.

This is a 600 bhp road legal super racer that makes about the same noise as Armageddon and which can rearrange your internal organs as it pleases every time it accelerates. The 6.9L V12 runs on AMG witchcraft and the monocoque carbon structure makes the CLK GTR extremely light, so it’s no wonder it goes like the proverbial bat out of hell. This thing’s racing career was impressive: 17 victories in 22 races, and lucky you Mr. Millionaire because the road version of the CLK GTR is only very slightly toned down from the specs of the racer! So buy it and go scare your friends to death you crazy kid!

Although the GT1 category was extinct in 1999 (I won’t even touch that subject…) the gentlemen at Mercedes – well, more exactly at AMG – Affalterbach – still had to deliver the GTRs to their buyers. Lucky buyers I might add…and now you can become one too.


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All the images belong to Ferrari Maserati of Fort Lauderdale

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2 thoughts on “Got 1.5 Million to Spend? I’ve Got Just the Thing…

  1. For 1.5 mill… I might have to look into the Aston 7-7, but I’m still on the fence. I’ll let you know when I win the powerball.

    1. Tempting no doubt…well if you do win and end up getting either one or the other, let me know how it handles and also how often I can borrow it

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