The Best of Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2013

Despite being really busy lately – as it’s obvious by the tumbleweeds rolling across the blog these days – I always like to keep an eye on what’s going on at big auctions and the Barrett-Jackson events are certainly interesting to check out. For the next 2 days, quite a few cars are going to be sold at Las Vegas, among them a few little gems that I couldn’t pass without pointing out:

Evel Knievel’s Aston Martin Lagonda (view listing)




It’s no secret that I’m hopelessly in love with those impractical and unreliable things formally known as Lagondas, in fact you can read all about it here and here. This particular one was owned by someone who became the foremost American in the “You know what? I bet I can jump that without killing myself” field, Mr. Evel Knievel. Knievel’s Lagonda is a thing of beauty, crazy over the top beauty! Big block Chevy V8, side pipes, vented hood, custom interiors (which in my humble opinion turned out amazing by the way)…seriously looking forward to know how much money this thing will bring.


Brand new Ford GT (view listing)



Along with the Lagonda above, the Ford GT is one of my favorite cars. This particular one was bought by someone whose blood is certainly as cold as a reptile’s because it’s brand new…and when I saw brand new I mean it. 58 freaking miles on it, plastic still on the steering wheel and seats! It seriously needs to come out and play. Supercars are not NRFB collectibles people!!!


The Obsidion “SG-One” Mustang (view listing)




No, not that SG-1 but you get a golden star for thinking of it, well done. A benchmark not only for Mustang customization but also for car restoration/modification in general, the Obsidion Mustang shows exactly what a “screw it” attitude towards budget can come up with. I’d have to spend the next few hours listing what was made and put into this beautiful little pile of insanity, so I’ll just point you to the list that the good people of Serious Wheels posted back in 08 when the SG-One was made; suffice to say that with 847bhp, this pony on steroids will make some future owner extremely happy.


1951 Pontiac Chieftain Streamliner Sedan Delivery (view listing)




Talk about a gorgeous car! As pointed out in the description at the Barrett-Jackson page, this is a rare configuration and it just looks stunning after undergoing a complete restoration. There’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t love to have this thing.


1970 Superbird (view listing)




Muscle car royalty. Striking, rare and extremely expensive. The Plymouth Superbird is something that only the good old US of A could have come up with; a race car for the street, I couldn’t write this little piece without respectfully recognizing its presence in the auction catalog.  


Corvette powered Land Cruiser (view listing)



Because nothing goes with a 75 FJ 40 like a Corvette engine (???), this beautiful Land Cruiser is now borrowing the heart of a 1967 327 C2. And you know what? For such a weird combo it actually looks pretty good! I have a huge soft spot for old Land Cruisers and I’m very intrigued about how one handles with a Vette engine but in this case, hell, the KC HiLites smiley covers are enough to make me want the damn thing (yes, I’m THAT easy).


GT500 E Super Snake Convertible (view listing)



The mess caused by Unique Performance’s incompetence and overall shadiness really hurt the image of what is to me the most beautiful cars ever made, one that has become known as “Eleanor” (E) in the 2000 remake of the movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds”. While Unique Performance was still in business, they started production of the Super Snake, a higher hp version of the regular E. Now this is where it starts to get fuzzy for me; the car presented is a beautiful convertible E and while it looks like U.P. work, the listing isn’t specific so I’m left wondering if they were still the ones to make this cutie. The hood configuration is unknown to me, but it certainly doesn’t match U.P.’s usual Super Snake one. However, it does have the hp level of the Super Snakes had so…can’t say anything for sure other than it’s really beautiful and that I need it because of reasons.

[All images used on this post belong to the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company and where originally posted on the 2013 Las Vegas Car Docket List]

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