Guest Chronicle – Maserati Love

by Keisha C.

Maserati Quattroporte

It was a hot summer day.” I was walking from the mall to my car, ready to go home and relax. It had already been a long shift at the hospital before that. I was coming up on my Mighty Mercury (’98 Mercury Sable…my precious “Oscar” – don’t judge me – who is no longer in service, rest his dented soul) when my ears picked up a certain sound…a sound like no other, I mean…it was so unique and so powerful, yet, so subtle and soft, all at the same time. I realized it was a car being started, so I looked around, trying to find out which car could ever have heightened my senses to such degree. I was searching like a maniac! As I continued to walk I could hear it getting louder and louder until all of a sudden…I saw the taillights light up! To me that thing looked like a rocket ship ready to take off.

The car seemed to be of a beautiful midnight blue (“Blu Passione” being the official color name. See? Did my homework), the rims appeared spit shined and the body was so very sleek and smooth. I was in awe. Complete and utter awe! I had never seen this vehicle before and to be completely honest, I was even getting a little turned on by the sheer beauty and mystery of what this car could be. I saw the logo on the back and to me, it looked like a crown. A royal crown. A crown that could only be worn by the most worthy (okay, I know now it’s a Trident but hey…Neptune, king of the seas and all…). Not being a hardcore car gal, I had no idea what I had just seen. I read “Quattroporte” on the back but was still clueless; and don’t even get me started about my reaction when I found out what that name meant.


As the driver pulled away in my new found love…far, far away from me and never to be seen again…I walked back to my car, on a high! I slid into the driver’s seat and just stayed there thinking about what my eyes had witnessed and eventually, I got sad. Sad because my poor little Oscar would never be the type of car to catch my eyes and ears, the type to keep me focused in the way the “Midnight Blue Mystery” had.
The next day back at the hospital I was talking to some friends and I asked them if they had ever seen a car with a crown-like logo on it but they weren’t car people either so none of them could identify it. When I came home later, I asked another friend (the one who is graciously letting me attempt to write a post about cars on his very own blog…please don’t blame me if this doesn’t get a lot of – good – attention!), if he had any idea what I had seen, and sure enough, the amazing car guy told me exactly what it was….A majestic Maserati.

Maserati…man Oh man I was in love! I went straight to Google to look it up and there I found some pictures of the Blu Passione Quattroporte…So amazing! I had no idea how much one of those would cost but I tell you, if I could afford even HALF of a Quattroporte and could still drive that working half…I WOULD! In a heartbeat! Not a perfect situation but hey, you take what you can get.

Maserati Ghibli

Fast forward to the release of my all-time favorite movie series…The Fast & Furious franchise (I know, I know…you either love it or you hate it)…the 7th edition…lo’ and behold, in the early scenes, I hear familiar sounds…the roar…and all of a sudden my ears are peaked and curious because they can’t believe that there is an actual Maserati being featured in what is to me the most amazing car movie ever! The character Deckard Shaw, played by beloved “Transporter” Jason Statham, drives a – movie magically – steel reinforced 2014 Ghibli Maserati! Metallic charcoal gray, tinted windows, black coated rims, sleek, sexy, and oh so gorgeous! Granted, the car gets destroyed in a wreck with the Diesel driven (no pun intended) Road Runner, but…for the little bit of screen time it had in its short scenes…I was happy and continued to enjoy my movie in bliss and satisfaction, knowing that I had just seen my future “Oscarlito”. Yes, I name all my cars, even imaginary ones. Awesome names too…you know you like them!


But in all seriousness, who knows…maybe one day I can at the very least get the opportunity to test drive my dream car(s). But owning sounds so much better…You know what? Costs be damned, Ghibli and Quattroporte…I’m coming for you!…Eventually!

(Thanks for letting me ruin your blog! I tried!)


[AV – Keisha C. is a good friend of AV and we’re glad to have her post a bit about her newfound passion for Trident stuff. Here’s to hoping and wishing that she does get one of her dream cars in the future, that running costs will be manageable…and that she’ll let AV borrow the keys]

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