Cleaning, Organizing and Straightening Up




Automotive Views has been up since 2011 and it was about time it got a serious once-over. So, for the past few weeks I’ve been going back and revising all the posts since the start. It’s slow progress but has to be done. While on that…interesting endeavor, I’ve found blunders, typos, inaccuracies and all sort of fun things that made me bang my head on the desk repeatedly, continuously mumble “why!?” and sigh to the brink of hyperventilation.

But despite some things being utterly embarrassing – today someone commented on a 2014 post to point out that at the time, I had completely forgotten about Bugatti…all of it, the whole company…awwwwwwkward – it’s good that they get called out so they can also be corrected.

This is a tiny blog, it’s me and very few non permanent contributors. No one here is an automotive journalist, no one is a professional of any sort whatsoever. The blog runs solely on appreciation for cars and interest in writing, no pretensions.

So if you happen to come across anything that needs changing, correcting, refining…please comment or email. In the meanwhile, I’ll be working on – hopefully – you not needing to do so.

For more info on the blog, check the “About AV” tab.


(Work in Progress sticker – source)

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