A Monteverdi 375/4 Popped Up for Sale and we’re Freaking Out

A long, long time ago we wrote a little article on iconic 70’s luxury cars. In it (you can read the article here), we talked about 3 models: the Aston Martin Lagonda, the Maserati Quattroporte III and the Monteverdi 375/4.

While the first 2 are well known, the third is far more obscure. A creation of Peter Monteverdi, a Swiss car race driver turned garage owner/importer turned manufacturer, the 375/4 is a luxury super sedan, a classic hybrid of European style and American mechanics (Chrysler V8).

Monteverdi 375/4

This is an unbelievably rare car. How rare? Maybe single digits production numbers rare. The fact is no one knows for sure how many were made, 7 are generally accounted for but beyond that it’s anyone’s guess. The 375/4 isn’t only extremely rare, but also unique in every sense of the word. Style wise it cannot be compared to anything else ever made. It is so different from its 70’s competition (Mercedes, Maserati, Rolls Royce…), so unmistakingly Monteverdi and miles ahead of anything else in terms of looks alone. Wide, low, sleek, simultaneously no nonsense straight lined and voluptuously curvaceous, the 375/4 isn’t just a pretty car; it’s one of the most striking, extraordinarily beautiful things ever made.

Monteverdi 375/4

Hyman Ltd. of St. Louis, Missouri is currently offering a stunning 375/4 for sale. This – never – happens! It’s the first time ever we’ve seen one pop up for sale and it caused a full blow freak out! Automotive Views is not associated with the seller in any capacity nor is this post sponsored in any way, but we absolutely had to mark the occasion. The asking price is 265 grand which seems like a lot, but for this thing it just ends up feeling like a bit of a bargain. Yes, it sounds ridiculous to call over a quarter of a million dollars a bargain, but you have to look at the value in context: this is a handmade classic from a boutique manufacturer and one of the rarest production cars ever made. If you were to take the same 265 thousand and go pick up a Pullman or anything else of the same class and price range, you’d always be able to find one no problem. But try looking for one of these.

Monteverdi 375/4

The 375/4 at Hyman Ltd. looks great. The dealership says the car “benefits from a recent cosmetic freshening in beautiful dark metallic aubergine paint”; it does look great on the putside and so does the interior with its amazing 6 inch Sony TV (ooooooh!)! Ok fine, not impressive by today’s standards but imagine how extraordinary it was to have a working TV in your car in 1970. The concept had just been developed a few years before and the system/placement was awkward. For Monteverdi to have integrated it so neatly in the 375/4 like it was no big deal  shows how seriously committed he was to luxury customization. 


We’re sure this thing won’t sit around at the dealership for long and it may be many, maaaaaaaany years until another one pops up for sale so if you’re wealthy and you’re interested in becoming the coolest person alive, this absolutely guarantees it.



All images displayed are sole property of Hyman Ltd. and are exclusively linked to their website. No copyright infringement is intended.

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