Estoril Classics 2019 Part II – The Pits

Is an early morning, pre-race stroll through the pits a recommendable experience? Well yes, yes it is. There’s something about the parts and body panels laying around everywhere which makes it oddly appealing, kind of an impromptu anatomy class. And plus, if you’re the type for more artsy photography, this is a great opportunity to take some really neat shots as well.

About the rides themselves, the focus went undoubtedly towards the Grand Pix/F1 racers old and…older. Very limited quantity in terms of post-66 cars, but still definitely worth a closer look at what was indeed around. A special mention has to go towards the Lotuses 91 and 77, both in John Player livery and both drop dead gorgeous. Just truly absolutely stunning cars. Also noteworthy a Shadow DN8 (Villiger-Kiel), a couple of Heskeths 308E (Penthouse; Olympus), a Tyrrell 012 (Benetton), a Williams FW08C (TAG) and a Trojan T103. For the really old-timey stuff, there were some fantastic looking Coopers and Lotuses as well.

On other classes, the Chevrons are worth mentioning (B8, B16, B19) and so are the Porsche 2.7 RS, the Lola T292 and the E-Type Semi-Lightweight.

Lotus 91 (2)Lotus 91Lotus 91 (3)Lotus 77Lotus 77 (2)Tyrrell 012Williams FW08CWilliams FW08C (2)Shadow DN8Surtees TS9Trojan T103Trojan T103 (2)Trojan T103 (3)Hesketh 308E PenthouseHesketh 308E Olympus (3)Hesketh 308E OlympusHesketh 308E Olympus (2)DSC_0772Cooper T53DSC_0778DSC_0783DSC_0793DSC_0809DSC_0787DSC_0780Porsche 911 2.7 RSPorsche 911 2.7 RS (2)Jaguar E-Type Semi-LightweightJaguar E-Type Semi-Lightweight (3)Jaguar XJSJaguar XJS (2)Porsche 911 (1)Porsche 911 (2)Porsche 914-6Ford Mustang racerDSC_0226DSC_0224Ford CapriFord Capri IIFord Capri II (2)DSC_0218DSC_0229DSC_0724DSC_0760BMW 635BMW 635 (2)BMW 635 (3)BMW 635 (4)DSC_0243Chevron B19Cheveon B16Jaguar E-Type Semi-Lightweight (2)Ford Mustang racer (2)Chevron B19 (2)Chevron B8 - B16BMW 635 (5)Lola T292

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