A Forced Hiatus


Unsurprisingly, 2020 has miserably failed to meet our expectations. At this point, AV was meant to be bringing you new and more unique kind of content with interviews, garage tours, galleries…eventually even our own little video channel with some driving impressions. Everything was lined up…and then the world gradually began to grind to a halt and with it, so did our plans.

The past couple of months have been a constant adaptation to new and increasingly restrictive circumstances. As such, not being a business per se, AV has been going through a hiatus while we focus more on the home front, everyday kind of stuff. As everyone else, we’re worried and uncertain about the situation and we’re really just trying to keep it together, ride out the storm. When it’s over, AV looks forward to coming back bigger and better. Until then and from the end of this month on we’ll continue posting some focused content whenever circumstances and creativity allow.

Stay safe, stay in (like the wonderful E-38 on our cover picture, perfectly protected and ready to sell after driving just 158 miles since new – read more about it in the RT article here).

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