For Sale! [December 2020 Edition]

For sale! Is a – mostly – monthly feature on Automotive Views focusing on cars available for purchase in Europe. None of the ads selected are featured on this website due to any kind of sponsorship by the sellers.

1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Turbodelta

A Group 4 Alfa Romeo is one of the coolest concepts anyone could have possibly come up with; the incredibly beautiful Alfa body enhanced with chunky wheel arches, enormous Cibié spotlights and oversized hood scoop makes it truly a thing to behold. It is a guaranteed head turner in any historic rally event you might wanna take it to and plus, this particular example was an actual Alfa Romeo test car, which makes it even more interesting.   

Price: €155.000 (189.385 USD)

For Sale in Italy

Seller: Ruote da Sogno

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2016 Bentley Continental GT3

The Continental GT3 is one of the best looking race cars ever made. The road going GT was never ugly to begin with, but the competition apparel takes it to a whole other level. Unfortunately the seller gives us very little information about this example, so we’re going by looks alone and assume, taking into account the missing bits and pieces, along with the engine mods, that this is a nicely done conversion (Race and Road Cars, correct us if we’re wrong). Still, even if that is the case, it has an impressive setup which includes a nitrous system and most importantly…it just looks great, so few people would have any objections to hooning it endlessly on the track.

Price: €400.000  (488.821 USD)

For Sale in Switzerland

Seller: Race and Road Cars

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1958 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

From the harshness of the track setup to the lap of luxury and comfort of a grand tourer; Bentley does long distance like nobody else, always has. This 1958 Flying Spur is a prime example of everything a classic, post-War Bentley has to offer, It’s stunning Mulliner body differs quite dramatically from the rest of the S1s, which are just Silver Clouds I. This example comes with a long maintenance history and it’s a well known car in the club scene, a sign that it has been kept active. If charm and luxury are attributes you value in a classic, it doesn’t get any better than this.  

Price: €260.223  (317.868 USD)

For Sale in the U.K.

Seller: Historic Classics

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1997 Aston Martin Virage Volante 6.3 Wide Body  

The Virage is an often forgotten model in Aston’s history and yet, we feel it was perhaps the most important car the company ever made. Although Aston Martin is never far from being in deep trouble – the current situation for instance certainly isn’t great – the company has managed to pull through over the years by successfully bridging the gap between models and eras. The Virage is one of these “bridge” cars, an Aston which allowed the company to conquer the 1990’s with Ford’s assistance, opening the door for landmark stuff like the DB7 and the DB9. Surprisingly, despite rare, early Virages are still not that expensive, so if you have 60 grand just lying around, get one immediately. The example we’re featuring today however is anything but your basic Virage, far from it. First of all, it’s a Volante and second, it’s a 6.3 wide body variant. Why is that significant? Well, because the upgrade is rare and it was very, very expensive. Aston would take your Virage, spice up the engine from a 5.3 to a 6.3L, install the wide body kit and upgrade your breaks and suspension…and all that meant your Virage was now about 3 times more expensive than the original sticker price.

Currently, the asking is…significant, but the car is gorgeous and it has been wonderfully kept, going to a new owner with a full history. Plus, it was only driven 18.000 km and being a late model, it does come with all the bells and whistles of a conversion which was only carried out in 20 something Virages.

Price: €350.000 (427.685 USD)

For Sale in the Neatherlands

Seller: The Houtkamp Collection

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1996 Opel Astra V6

Opel has a long competition history and this has to be one of the coolest things to result from that racing heritage: the Astra V6. Built for the Andros Trophy, France’s made ice rally, the weighs less than 1000kg, it has almost 400bhp, four wheel drive and four wheel steering…it’s a beautiful monster. There’s something so satisfying about the fact that Opel Motorsport took a little Astra F hatch and turned it into a screaming ice drifting machine.

Price: P.O.R.

For Sale in Italy

Seller: Erredibi Motori

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1972 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Estate

If there’s anything classier than a Rolls-Royce estate conversion, we don’t know what it is. This particular example was ordered by an American enthusiast with a reported cost of 100 grand. It looks fantastic, the two tone paint makes it extra special and the lines at the rear are pretty pleasing, although strongly reminiscent of the 1968 Fairlane Station Wagon (perhaps since the owner was American?). If you’re in the market for a practical classic car, this might just be it…but it is an older Rolls, so be aware of the running costs.   

Price: €74.500 (91.033 USD)

For Sale in the Neatherlands

Seller: Gallery Aaldering

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1984 Rover SD1 Vitesse

The SD1 is a bit of an overlooked model outside the U.K. and that’s not really surprising since, at the time of its production, British Leyland had an understandingly appalling reputation. So a performance, luxury saloon by the same people who brought you the Allegro…was a tough sell, to say the least. But the SD1 wasn’t just another crappy Leyland product, it was a Specialist Division car and it was pretty damn good when it was working well, which between the poor built quality, rust, and electrical issues…wasn’t often. However, that being said and despite being styled as a Daytona knockoff, the SD1 is actually pretty damn charming and good looking. It’s also great to drive, especially in the coveted Vitesse version with the famous, bulletproof “Rover” V8. The Vitesse is an SD1 with everything made just a bit better, tighter, sportier and it is absolutely the version to go with for these. The particular example we’re focusing on looks great and for the asking price, it seems truly good value for money. Everything about these cars comes down to how well they’ve been looked after and this one seems like a great candidate for a usable, enjoyable, British youngtimer.

Price: €15.000 (18.304 USD)

For Sale in Portugal

Seller: FS Automóveis

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19?? Range Rover Overland/Expedition Vehicle

This thing is SICK. Is there anything more romantic (in theory) than taking a Range Rover and going on a long expedition? Well now you can become someone prepared one for an epic 24.000km journey. There’s too much to cover here, so just go take a look at the ad, go through all the mods and let your mind run wild with the possibilities. The interior needs work because it looks straight out of a late 70’s camper van, but it doesn’t retract much from how awesome this thing is. This Range Rover would definitely be something special to start 2021 with.   

Price: €39.750 (48.480 USD)

For Sale in the Neatherlands

Seller: Gallery Aaldering

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