2021 Caramulo Motorfestival

After a one year hiatus motivated by very obvious reasons, the Caramulo Motorfestival returned in 2021. It was the first major automotive event in Portugal in a mid-pandemic world, so it’s no wonder that it attracted major crowds. The organization implemented a very wise covid-negative certificate requirement to access the show and, despite being held outdoors, masks were mandatory and there were gallons of disinfectant freely available everywhere. Despite the peculiar and somewhat challenging circumstances, a pretty eclectic selection of classic and modern cars made its way up to the tiny village of Caramulo, assuring that there was something of interest for everyone. Aston Martin sponsored the event, so the public got to see rare stuff like the Speedster, the Vantage F1 Edition and the Vanquish Zagato. The Ferrari group “Maranello Legacy” also organized a drive to the festival which was, unsurprisingly, enthusiastically received by the public.
We couldn’t cover the full length of the event (3 days), but we’re posting a selection of the most interesting things we did see during our time there. This year we won’t post pictures of the Caramulo Museum collection itself, but you can click here for the 2019 coverage of the event which includes a tour of said collection.

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