Estoril Classics 2022 (Part I)

Last weekend, the Estoril circuit in Portugal, a 2.6 miles (approx.) grade 1 FIA track saw the return of some of the most celebrated and recognizable race cars of the past 6 decades for the 2022 edition of the Estoril Classics event. This year there was a considerable increase in entries, with the organization putting the number of cars on track, over the weekend, at 300. Of those 300, a lot were bona fide legends, from the 250 GT SWB featured just below, to the GT40s, Lola T70s, Porsche 904s and Shelby Cobras, just to name a few. Although this is a delightful event with direct access to the pits and crews, something which elevates any experience of this sort, there’s still more which can be done for the non-VIP public’s side and hopefully, next year, we’ll finally see the return of the ACP (Automobile Club of Portugal) Concours d’Elegance which used to be held at the Casino Estoril’s gardens and which is sorely, sorely missed.
Our coverage of the event is split into two galleries; for part one, mostly static shots of the vehicles and a bit of pit lane action and for part two, track shots, some with a bit of vintage flavor to them.
So scroll down and you’ll surely find something you’ll like.

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