Out for the Summer

Dear readers and visitors, it’s that time of the year so I’m welcoming a very nice break! To everyone who’s still on vacation, enjoy as much as possible and to all who are back to classes and work already, well, hang in there! In honor of the warm and sunny weather, here are gorgeous pictures … More Out for the Summer

Because 30 Year Old, 500 bhp Military Bricks are Cool

When I think of good, effective off roaders a few names immediately come to mind: Land Cruiser, Range Rover, and of course Geländewagen. Bit lost on that last one? I’m talking about the Mercedes G-Wagen (now called the G-Class). Back in the early 70’s, Mercedes was working with Steyr-Daimler-Punch (the folks who made the Pinzgauer) … More Because 30 Year Old, 500 bhp Military Bricks are Cool

All Rise!

If you’re gonna make a car, finding a good name for it is a huge deal because you want to set the right tone from the start. No car will have a bright future if you call it “Swinger” or “Lettuce”. I’m pretty sure that “Pistachio” and “Thing” aren’t great either, but certainly “Laputa” takes … More All Rise!

The Autobahn Dream

There are certain cars which absolutely transcend every single one of the narrow confines of that simplistic definition; these are more than machinery and function, design and esthetics; they are true pinnacles of human achievement, masterpieces from the hands of brilliant artisans who were able to perform a seemingly impossible task: create natural beauty by … More The Autobahn Dream

Fun with Frua

“Signore” Pietro Frua, one hell of a talented man. In his early 20’s he was already a big shot at the legendary Pininfarina design firm. Later, he walked out of the company to do his own thing and ended up creating some of the most memorable, most amazing and most desirable one off cars ever … More Fun with Frua