A Quick Word to my Readers – A Justification and an Appeal

If you’re a regular reader of Automotive Views, you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new article in quite sometime now. That is due to extra school work on account of the semester’s end. I hope to have the situation regulated within a couple of weeks and be back posting regularly after that.

One other thing I want to address is the reader participation on this blog. On the “About this Blog” section I have a permanent appeal for reader participation and that just hasn’t been happening as regularly as I’d like and hope. Going through the search terms that bring people to my blog, I notice that the AMG related searches are by far the most popular, amongst these I also find several related to restoration processes, parts and modifications.

So I ask again: if you own or know someone who owns one of the cars referred here, if you have personal information on any one of these models that you can share with others, experience, tips, tricks for common problems, recommendations, etc, please share, someone out there is searching for and not finding the information you have. If anything, think of adding to the collective knowledge, that alone makes it worth it. 

I’d love to have some sort of restoration/recuperation/requalification journals on this blog, the same goes for opinion articles and factual ones.

Keep enjoying the blog, best regards to all.


AMG Logo Source: http://sharealogo.com/automotive/mercedes-amg-vector-logo-download/

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