Estoril Classics 2019 Part IV – The Parking Lots

We couldn’t bring the coverage for the 2019 Estoril Classics to a close without the traditional stroll through the parking lots of the event (both at the track and around the Concours d’Elegance). It is extremely tiresome to run around from lot to lot all day but there’s always folks coming and going and there’s a real fear of missing out on seeing something truly unique (which unfortunately always ends up happening). This year, the award for most impressive guest ride belongs undoubtedly to the glorious Iso Grifo which sat just outside the Estoril track for a couple of hours. However it wasn’t the only car that got us sighing; besides some familiar faces from last year (Z8, DBS, Flaminia Convertible, etc), also worth mentioning are the beautiful Series 1 E-Types which popped up here and there, a gorgeous restomoded 911 Targa we fawned over at the Lisbon Classics Salon earlier this year, a rare Wisemann Roadster and many other interesting presences you’ll be able to check out below.

Before moving on to the pictures and in doing so concluding this series of posts, it seems to be a good time to make a general appreciation of the Estoril Classics 2019. As with any event of this nature there’s good and bad, but at it’s core – and minus the Concours d’Elegance which is the most inclusive part of the weekend – the Estoril Classics continues very much to be an event open to the public instead of an event for the public. There is a huge difference between the two and the distinction brings a series of challenges that the event doesn’t need or has any reason to have to deal with. Minor changes would make a world of difference to this weekend and give visitors a pretty unforgettable experience, but the focus would have to change at an organizational level, something we just don’t see happening in the foreseeable future. Plus, the fact that different entities deal with different parts of the event makes it even more prone to issues. For instance, this was the year we’ve had more frustrations with the staff – not all staff members of course, some went above and beyond – but others originated unfortunate situations which got annoyed reactions from guests, something which was perfectly avoidable.  Again, the public may and will attend (with growing numbers, reportedly) but the event is, at its core, aimed at a much, much smaller group of people and there lies the main problem. Still, a big thumbs up for the  sheer diversity of rides you’d be pressed to find somewhere else.

Speaking of which:

Iso Grifo Series IIso Grifo Series I (2)Iso Grifo Series I (3)Iso Grifo Series I (4)Iso Grifo Series I (5)Iso Grifo Series I (6)Porsche 911 TargaPorsche 911 Targa (2)BMW Z8BMW Z8 (2)61 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz61 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (2)Ford Escort RSFord Escort RS (2)Jaguar XK120 (3)Jaguar XK120 (4)Lancia Fulvia HFLancia Fulvia HF (2)Lancia Fulvia HF (3) Tag HeuerMcLaren MP4-12CMcLaren MP4-12C (2)McLaren MP4-12C (4)McLaren MP4-12C (5)Jaguar E-Type FHCJaguar E-Type FHC (2)Jaguar E-Type FHC (3)Jaguar E-Type FHC (4)Jaguar E-Type FHC (5)Jaguar E-Type Series 1 ConvertibleJaguar E-Type Series 1 Convertible (2)Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Convertible (4)Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Convertible (3)Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Convertible (5)Citroen DS 23Citroen DS 23 (2)Cadillac AllanteCadillac Allante (2)Cadillac Allante (3)Cadillac Allante (4)Lancia Flaminia ConvertibleLancia Flaminia Convertible (2)Lancia Delta HF TurboLancia Delta HF Turbo (2)Ford Escort RS TurboFord Escort RS Turbo (2)Jaguar 420Jaguar 420 (2)BMW 840CiBMW 840Ci (2)BMW 850iBMW 850i (2)Ferrari F355 BerlinettaFerrari F355 Berlinetta (2)Aston Martin DBSAston Martin DBS (2)Jaguar XJS V12Jaguar XJS V12 (2)Lotus EuropaLotus Europa (2)Lotus EvoraLotus Evora (2)Lotus EliseLotus Elise (2)Mitsubishi 3000GTMitsubishi 3000GT (2)Porsche 991 GT3Porsche 991 GT3 (2)Opel Manta 1.9 SROpel Manta 1.9 SR (2)Porsche 911 SCPorsche 911 SC (2)Porsche 911 CarreraPorsche 911 Carrera (2)Jaguar XKR RoadsterJaguar XKR Roadster (2)Jaguar XKR Roadster (3)Land Rover Series IILand Rover Series II (2)Mercedes-Benz 280SEMercedes-Benz 280SE (2)Mercedes-Benz C63S AMGMercedes-Benz C63S AMG (2)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63SMercedes-Benz AMG GT63S (2)Wiesmann RoadsterWiesmann Roadster (2)Wiesmann Roadster (3)Wiesmann Roadster (4)Alfa Spider 2000Alfa Spider 2000 (2)Alfa Romeo Junior 1600 ZagatoAlfa Romeo Junior 1600 Zagato (2)Alfa Romeo GTVAlfa Romeo Giulia 1300 SuperAlfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super (2)Austin Mini PickupAustin A35Austin A35 (2)Saab 900 TurboSaab 900 Turbo (2)Porsche 991 Turbo SPorsche 991 Turbo S (2)Triumph TR6 - Triumph StagTriumph TR6 - Triumph Stag (2)Triumph TR7 - Triumph SpitfirePorsche 911Porsche 911 (2)Porsche 928Porsche 928 (2)Subaru Impreza WagonSubaru Impreza Wagon (2)Jaguar Mk V Drophead CoupeJaguar Mk V Drophead Coupe (2)Jaguar XK120Jaguar XK120 (2)Jaguar XK150Jaguar XJ6 X300Jaguar XJ6 X300 (2)

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