Automotive Views at the 2017 Cascais Classic Motorshow & Concours d’Elegance

After an extended and unexpected summer break, Automotive Views is back in business and we start the Fall with coverage of the Cascais Classic Motorshow, a fairly small but well attended event set on the coastal town of Cascais in Portugal. The Cascais Motorshow includes both a Concours d’Elegance, with a very interesting selection of … More Automotive Views at the 2017 Cascais Classic Motorshow & Concours d’Elegance

Automobília Ibérica 2017 – The Parking Lots

Covering the Automobília Ibérica has become a yearly tradition for Automotive Views. The event set in the small town of Moita, Portugal takes over two pavilions which end up packed with all sorts of parts for classic cars and bikes, literature, vintage toys, aftermarket bits and pieces…if it’s automotive related, it’s in there somewhere. However, … More Automobília Ibérica 2017 – The Parking Lots

Automobilia Ibérica 2016 – The Parking Lots

This year’s edition of the Automobilia Ibérica went down last weekend and, as usual, it brought some interesting classics to the very small town of Moita, Portugal. The Automobilia Ibérica is, at its core, an event aimed at the parts market, with people buying, selling and trading all kinds of rusty bits and pieces needed … More Automobilia Ibérica 2016 – The Parking Lots

The Transporter(s)

Nowadays when you need to haul you race car(s) around, you have a wide range of very modern, practical and convenient trailers and trucks that will do the job beautifully. One annoying little thing though: they all look pretty much the same. Sure, you can customize them, throw some paint on, some graphics…but the basic … More The Transporter(s)

A Milestone

Just before the end of last year, Automotive Views (AV) reached an important landmark; well, it’s important to a blog of this nature anyway…one hundred thousand visitors, a small number to popular blogs, but considerably relevant to me. I rarely get to update AV, once a month is usually all I manage. I keep wishing … More A Milestone

The List

[Updated, May 2016 – Click here for part II] If you’re truly a car guy/girl, you have a list somewhere…I know I do…When you have a lifelong love affair with cars you’re bound to experience affection for a lot of different models, but there are always a few special ones with which you just fall … More The List