A (Very) Late Happy Birthday to the XJ220

Things don’t always work out. In the car industry, just like in every other sector – and life in general – often, the plan just doesn’t come together the way people hope. Sometimes it’s a complete disaster; sometimes it’s less than that and ends up being a lesson, a learning opportunity…and other times, after the … More A (Very) Late Happy Birthday to the XJ220

Automotive Views at the Cascais Classic Motorshow

After a long and unexpected break, Automotive Views is back! For the first time, we had the opportunity to enjoy the Cascais Classic Motorshow, an event set on the coastal town of Cascais, Portugal. With a very interesting set of classics on the lawn at the local racecourse (concours) and open parking spaces for private … More Automotive Views at the Cascais Classic Motorshow

A Milestone

Just before the end of last year, Automotive Views (AV) reached an important landmark; well, it’s important to a blog of this nature anyway…one hundred thousand visitors, a small number to popular blogs, but considerably relevant to me. I rarely get to update AV, once a month is usually all I manage. I keep wishing … More A Milestone

Out for the Summer

Dear readers and visitors, it’s that time of the year so I’m welcoming a very nice break! To everyone who’s still on vacation, enjoy as much as possible and to all who are back to classes and work already, well, hang in there! In honor of the warm and sunny weather, here are gorgeous pictures … More Out for the Summer

Hop on the Bandwagon

Station wagons…until now they’ve had a – let’s say – not so glamorous reputation in the States; in fact I can hear some of my Americans friends yawning right now! Seen by a lot of people as nothing but family buses, attributes like sportiness are not something people in the US are particularly accustomed to associate them … More Hop on the Bandwagon

Great Cars for Under 10 Grand – X308 XJR, R129 SL 500 and 1st gen. Mustang

One of my favorite hobbies as a publicly assumed car addict is pretend shopping. It’s easy and if you’re anything like me it will keep you busy and semi-happily daydreaming for hours, away from pesky day-to-day punishments like work or studying. You give yourself a budget (or not if you wanna play the millionaire version), … More Great Cars for Under 10 Grand – X308 XJR, R129 SL 500 and 1st gen. Mustang