College Hostage

Where have you been? I’ve missed you!…Said no one ever. Well folks, I wish I could be adding more content to the blog but I’m a hostage of endless Master’s related headaches and demands who keep my slight car obsession severely neglected. Hopefully in a (relatively) short while I’ll be able to wrap this up … More College Hostage

The List

[Updated, May 2016 – Click here for part II] If you’re truly a car guy/girl, you have a list somewhere…I know I do…When you have a lifelong love affair with cars you’re bound to experience affection for a lot of different models, but there are always a few special ones with which you just fall … More The List

For the dictator on the go: The Mercedes-Benz W100

When the Mercedes Benz 600 W100  was presented at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 1963, it was immediately – and very rightfully – acclaimed as the crown jewel of the automotive world. The W100 (“Grosser”) was Mercedes’ answer to the question: “how amazing can a car be if conceptualized with no regards whatsoever for … More For the dictator on the go: The Mercedes-Benz W100