The Passing of an Automotive Legend – Carroll Shelby (1923-2012)

Although I don’t usually use Automotive Views to talk about current events, I feel it’s impossible not to present a humble tribute to a legendary racer, builder and visionary: Mr. Carroll Hall Shelby.

Regardless of whatever opinion of Carroll Shelby you may have (as a man) – and there are plenty of different ones around, that’s for sure – there’s no denying the depth of the impact he had in the way America makes performance cars. I have always admired how Shelby led (what was at times) a one man revolution towards the creation of what would become some of the very best American muscle that ever was and ever will be. Beautiful and amazing timeless creations like the Cobra, the GT500 and the Series One have been some of my favorite since I was a child, they have contributed a great deal to my love of cars because they don’t just speak for themselves, they speak for a whole culture, for a way of life, for a set of ideals that not everyone gets but that many fall desperately in love with.

I haven’t always loved every single Shelby creation; just recently I’ve said that the Omni GLHS for instance was completely beyond me. But one thing I give in a heartbeat to Mr. Shelby: he always kept pushing forward and he didn’t rest on his glory. For this occasion I’ve gathered a few of my favorite vintage photos of Carroll Shelby.

(Note: these were in my personal files, I’ve collected them over the years and they were never meant to be featured so I can’t present their origin because I just don’t have it; in case any issues arise, please get in touch via e-mail and I’ll either remove the content or add the links to its original host location)

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