A Ride for the Ages (help me choose, take the poll!)

Reliable. Contrary to what many seem to believe, the term isn’t necessarily synonymous with boring or bland. Sure, it’s a hoot having something quirky, spunky and unpredictable like an Alfa (for instance)…right up to the moment when you’re stranded by the side of the road at 3 am in a lousy part of town. The … More A Ride for the Ages (help me choose, take the poll!)

A Milestone

Just before the end of last year, Automotive Views (AV) reached an important landmark; well, it’s important to a blog of this nature anyway…one hundred thousand visitors, a small number to popular blogs, but considerably relevant to me. I rarely get to update AV, once a month is usually all I manage. I keep wishing … More A Milestone

Because 30 Year Old, 500 bhp Military Bricks are Cool

When I think of good, effective off roaders a few names immediately come to mind: Land Cruiser, Range Rover, and of course Geländewagen. Bit lost on that last one? I’m talking about the Mercedes G-Wagen (now called the G-Class). Back in the early 70’s, Mercedes was working with Steyr-Daimler-Punch (the folks who made the Pinzgauer) … More Because 30 Year Old, 500 bhp Military Bricks are Cool

The Autobahn Dream

There are certain cars that absolutely transcend every single one of the narrow confines of this simplistic definition; these are more than machinery and function, design and esthetics; they are pinnacles of human achievement, masterpieces from the hands of geniuses that are able to perform a seemingly impossible task: create natural beauty by artificial methods. … More The Autobahn Dream

College Hostage

Where have you been? I’ve missed you!…Said no one ever. Well folks, I wish I could be adding more content to the blog but I’m a hostage of endless Master’s related headaches and demands who keep my slight car obsession severely neglected. Hopefully in a (relatively) short while I’ll be able to wrap this up … More College Hostage